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Bits of Science – Ratio Landmass and Population – Now and Then


Bits of Science.org is an online media platform offering a daily source of news in the fields of science, sustainability, technology and the environment. Collaborating with various media sources, Bits of Science is a small but committed international group of researchers and science writers.


For their series comparing population growth, Bits of Science asked us to design an infographic to illustrate trends in population growth. The infographic displays the ratio of landmass to population of Russia, the biggest country in landmass, versus Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan, three of the countries most dramatically growing in population. Further, the infographic also shows the projected decrease and increase in population growth in the year 2031 as inferred by the United Nations. By simply comparing these two factors in a structured visual style, this dramatic and urgent problem is made apparent. The infographic appeared in the Dutch version of the Metro newspaper as part of their Future Daily project, in print as well as online.


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